V2 field storage depot 505

Already from 1943, more than a year before the first V2 missiles was targeting England, the Germans began to build the logistics in Northern France. The V2 missiles were built in Germany and transported to Northern France by rail. Here they were first stored in large supply depots and later sent to field storage depots where they were prepared. From here they were either picked up by the mobile firing units or shipped directly to the bases and the launch pad.

In the summer of 1943, east of the town of La Motte au Bois, one of these field storage depots was built. The capacity of the depot was 30 missiles, and they were transported around the woods on a small railway. The rockets were stored in U-shaped earth pens, which had camouflage nets stretched over them or a roof of wood. The preparation took place in bunkers located around the woods and these were fitted with a ceiling of 350 cm. reinforced concrete.

The Allies bombed the forest several times, but without results when the Germans never started to use the depot. The first V2 missiles were targeting England in September 1944, and at that time, the depot at La Motte au Bois was already liberated by the Allies.

If you are visiting the wood today, you can still see the large bunkers.