Naval Gun Battery Graf Spee

Three of the guns were set in open ring positions, while the last was built into a pillbox.

To manage and direct fire from the four guns a large four-storied fire control bunker was built 1000 meter closer to the coast.

After the Allied landings in Normandy in June 1944 and subsequent advance, the guns came into use. In late August 1944 the guns dismissed the British battleship HMS Warspite and subsequently the three guns in open ring positions rotated 360 degrees and opened fire against the attacking American forces.

The superior force was too strong and the guns, in late September 1944, along with the rest of the German forces in Brittany, surrendered to the Americans.

The fire control bunker was for many years used by the French navy, but is today a museum. The the rest of the gun battery is scattered around in various fields full of grazing cattle.