Gun Battery Crasville

Between the two towns of Crasville and Videcosville, the German army installed a battery of four 105 mm. horse-drawn guns. These had a range of 12 km. and were initially placed in open positions. As the Allies gained air superiority, it was determined that they should be protected under concrete.

In 1943, the casting of bunkers for the guns (2xR671 and 2xR650) and the installation of anti-aircraft guns began. On 6 June 1944, the Allies landed on beaches 20 km. south of the guns, but as the landings were out of range, the guns were dismantled and sent to the gun battery at St Marcouf. Two of the guns were destroyed during attacks by Allied aircraft and the remaining two were sent to Cherbourg.

Today, the empty bunkers are scattered around the fields on either side of the road.