Stronghold Ver-sur-Mer

Batterie Mont Fleury by the town of Ver-Sur-Mer was still under construction when British troops landed on the beach 500 meter away at dawn on 6th June 1944 (d-day).

Three out of four casemates had already been cast in concrete but only one of the 122 mm. Russian guns had been installed. The area was taken with the aid of heavy fire support from HMS Belfast, who achieved several hits. (HMS Belfast is today on display in London). The gun in the battery was not yet operational and therefore could not return fire. In the afternoon, the area was quickly captured and the British continued their advance towards Caen.

South of the town, the Germans had built a second gun battery which was also under construction on D-day. This battery was called Batterie Mare Fontaine and was fitted with four Czech 100 mm. guns in casemates. The guns had a range of 10 km. and were positioned approx. 2 km. from the beach.