Naval Gun Battery Cap Gros

Following the successful landings of Brtish and Americans forces in Morocco and Algeria in November 1942, the German high command decided to strengthen the defence of the Mediterranean ports.

At Port-Vendres, less than 10 km. from the Spanish border, there was a French battery (La Mauresque) dating back to 1848. The original four French 75 mm. guns were replaced with German 127 mm. guns, placed in bunkers (M272) and a single 65 mm. gun also in bunker (R671).

Port-Vendres was one of only two ports in the area, and the German Navy therefore started a major expansion.

After the Allied landing in Provence on 15 August, 1944, Port-Vendres lost its importance and on 19 August, the Germans evacuated the city.

Prior to the evacuation, the harbour was rendered unuseable: buildings and quays were demolished, mines were laid and ships in the harbour basin were scuttled.

On 3 September 1944, Port-Vendres was liberated.