Naval direction-finding tower MP 3

In the southwestern corner of the canal island of Guernsey, the German Navy built in 1942 an observation bunker called "Marine Peilstand und Meßstellung 3".

The bunker MP3 should be part of a network consisting of a total of six bunkers around Guernsey.

Through the openings in the front of the bunker, the observations and the target point should be made. The bunker had five floors, one floor for each associated gun battery. The enemy ships could be very precisely and quickly determined by observations from two of the bunkers, both direction and distance. This information could then be passed on to the guns in the various gun batteries on the island.

In practice, however, it turned out to be very difficult for two towers to designate the individual ships from each other, if several ships were to be observed at one time.

The construction of the six bunkers was therefore stopped before all six bunkers were completed.

The bunker is 1 km. northwest of the Gun Battery Dollmann and MP4 and today there is a museum in the bunker.