Headquarters Army Group North

When the Germans with Operation Barbarossa attacked the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, the attackers were divided into three army groups, north, south and middle.

Army group north should, through the Baltic states, move forward to Leningrad.

On July 21, 1941 Adolf Hitler landed at a small airport at Malnava in eastern Latvia. From here he drowe in an open mercedes to the headquarters of the Army Group North, where he had a meeting with Field Marshal Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb.

The German Weekly View (Die Deutsche Wochenschau) participated in the tour and the meeting, which was filmed and subsequently shown in cinemas all over the German empire.

The headquarters was in the manor house Malnava, and in addition to the existing buildings, bunkers were built for added protection.

The headquarters was in 1943 moved 150 km. north to Wasserburg

The buildings are used today for a school.