Gun Battery Stahl

The construction of this gun battery started in spring 1942 on the slope 65 metres above sea level. It was built by the German army and comprised six 155 mm. guns which were placed in open ring positions. Each gun position was cast in concrete and had space for ammunition around the edge. By the end of 1943, it was decided to build casemates for the guns (R679) to protect them from air attacks, whilst limiting their range. Bunkers were also built for crew (R622, R621, R501) and ammunition (R134). The guns had a range of 23 km. and they could therefore cover the waters all the way to the Channel Island of Alderney which is 16 km. to the west.

In the middle of the battery and right on the top of the slope was the command bunker (R636) and next to it was a radar (Seetakt Fu.Mo 2) set up to monitor the waters and help with targeting.

The gun battery was bombed on 29 June 1944 by American B-26 bombers and just three days later attacked and conquered by American ground troops.

The gun battery is currently on private grounds.