Stronghold Pineta del Fondo

Following the Allies landing in Sicily in September 1943, the Germans began to construct a large number of east-west going defense lines in Italy's mainland. These nearly 40 lines used the natural fortifications like rivers and mountains and were all named. The German strategy was to defend a line and then retreat to the next and so on. Most of the lines were very little fortified, but it nevertheless took the Allies almost two years to cross the last defense line and thereby reach the Alps.

One of these defense lines was called ”Reno" and went from Bologna to Comacchio.

In the winter of 1943, Organitization Todt began to expand the Reno line and one of the Stronghold was at Pineta del Fondo, which was a small piece of wood on the main road just south of Mesola.

There were a total of nine bunkers in the small forest, including crew bunkers (R668), a gun bunker (R677), several machine gun bunkers and small bunkers with mounted tower from a tank.

The bunkers of Pineta del Fondo were finished in the spring of 1944, but here the military situation had changed and they were therefore never armored.

After the war and until the 1990s the bunks were used by homeless people. Then it was locked and in 2014 they opened as a museum.