Tunnelkrankenhaus Guernsey

The Germans began building an underground hospital and amunitions storage in the occupied Channel Island Guernsey in the winter of 1940. Over the next nearly 4 years, the tunnels was blasted, drilled and chopped into the soil and rocks. The perilous work was done by slave laborers who lived in a nearby prison camp. There were many accidents and deaths among the workers was very high.

The plant consisted of 2 km. with 3 entrance and 5 ventilation shafts. The shafts were Equipped with ladders and also served as emergency exits. In the summer of 1944 there were a total of 7,000 m² below ground and there had been cast 15,000 tons of concrete. There was room for 800 patients and after the Allieres landings in Normandy in June 1944, the hospital received many wounded German soldiers.

The Germans Guernsey surrendered along the other Channel Islands to the Allies 9 May 1945.