Heeresküstenbatterie Syre

In 1941 the German army started construction of a gun battery on the island of Karmøy north of Stavanger in southwestern Norway. The five guns had a caliber of 122 mm. and had a range of 26 km. The range meant that the guns could cover the entire entrance to Stavanger in the south and all the way to Haugesund in the north.

The guns were captured Russian guns and they were placed in open ring positions cast in concrete. There were bunkers to control (R636), crew (R622 and 655) and ammunition (R607). The bunkers were fully built into the rocks, both for extra protection and camouflage. The difficult and hard work was done by Russian prisoners of war and the guns were operational in the spring of 1943. On a cliff behind the gun battery, the German navy placed one FUMO 214 Würzburg Riese radar that could track vessels at distances up to 80 km.

Today, the empty ring positions are empty in this extremely well preserved gun battery.