V-3, The High Pressure Pump Gun

V-3 was, like the V-1 and V-2, a terrorist weapon developed by the Germans during secound world war. V-3 was a 130 meter long gun barrol where a 150 mm. grenade was sent through. The grenade was equipped with fins and recalled a small rocket, but without propelling charge. A number of additional detonators along the sides of the gun tube, increased muzzle velocity to1,550 m / sec and thus the range up to 165 km.

The plan was to have 25 guns from an installation by the city Mimoyecques at Calais, bombarding London with up to 300 shells per hour.

Thousands of slave laborers working around the clock to excavate and casting bunkers for gun tubes, but the Allies knew about the threat and the installation was heavily bombed. The V-3 gun at Mimoyecques never came into use against London, but two slightly smaller V-3 guns bombarded the city of Luxembourg from December 1944 to February 1945.


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